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(Embroidery Machine Editing Program for all machines)

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Sew and Craft Step-by-Step

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Learn to master this Digitizing Program quickly and easily.

Take the frustration out of trying to learn by "trial and error".


Learn to use all of the tools of the program by following along with these step-by-step VIDEO lessons, which include practical examples that you can do yourself.

These step-by-step Video Lessons will walk you through:

  • How to Download and Install the Program.

  • How to set the program up correctly.

  • Learn about the tool options.

  • How to Open Designs, View in 3D, and SAVE in any embroidery machine format.

  • How to Fully Customize the Workspace, Change Thread Options, Change Colour Options.

  • How to Re-size designs, Adjust Density and Rotate.

  • How to Apply Guidelines and Grids.

  • How to Combine Multiple Designs.

  • How to Produce a detailed Print-out to use as an Embroidery Template.

  • How to see the embroidery being embroidered on screen before embroidering on the machine.

  • How to do Advanced Stitch Editing.

  • Create Designs with the Array Tool.

  • How to use Text and Fonts.

  • How to Find Embroidery designs.

  • How to access Extra information.

    and more....

  • There are individual step-by-step video lessons and several hours worth of detailed lessons.

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