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Machine Embroidery

Video Lessons

Machine Embroidery

Video Lessons

(Suitable for ALL brands of Embroidery Machines)

Sew and Craft Step-by-Step

When you consider the cost of a single face to face lesson, where you have to remember what you learnt in that single lesson....

then the price of this entire step-by-step Video lesson course is a real bargain.

The whole set of lessons is less than the price of ONE face to face lesson, during this introductory phase.

You can watch as often as you like, in the comfort of your own surroundings, at a time that suits you, and you can work along on your own machine.

You can even install the Sew and Craft app on your phone and watch lessons from there too.

(Instructions for that are included in this course.)

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Learn to master Machine Embroidery quickly and easily.

Take the frustration out of trying to learn by "trial and error".


Learn to use all of the tools and supplies necessary for machine embroidery by following along with these step-by-step VIDEO lessons, which include practical examples that you can do yourself.

These step-by-step Video Lessons will walk you through:

  • Course Introduction,Needles,Scissors and Jump Stitches.

  • Threads, Bobbinfill and Thread Stands.

  • Lubricant, Glue/Adhesive, Glue remover, Digitizing software.

  • Stabilizers, Hooping-up, Starting Point of embroidery.

  • Embroider on Stretch Fabric.

  • Embroider on Ready-made items, Textured fabric,Faux Leather and more...

  • Embroider on Delicate fabric, Hessian, Net/Tulle, Firm fabric.

  • Bonus PDF Guide

  • There are individual step-by-step video lessons and several hours worth of detailed lessons.

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